Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zapp's Voodoo New Orleans Kettle Style

So I had dinner with some friends at Bourbon Street and saw Zapp's Voodoo Gumbo chips on the menu.  I was intrigued and super awkwardly asked what they were and what Voodoo meant.  The waiter had no idea why they were Voodoo and maybe hated that I asked about something as simple as chips.  I'll have you know, sir, chips are serious business.  I still don't know why, but that's ok!  In the end, since they came in a bag (which seems kind of weird as an appetizer, but whatever, it worked for me), I decided to get them.

The bag itself is covered in... voodoo dolls I guess?  Oh yeah - on closer inspection they are definitely voodoo dolls.  Will I be cursed after eating these?  It also doesn't say Gumbo anywhere on it so I'm forced to assume this is a random bag of Voodoo chips and not Gumbo flavored, as I had hoped.

But what do they taste like?
They taste... geez what the heck do these taste like?  They're good!  Surprisingly so!  Not too greasy which gets points in my book.  There's kind of a vinegar kick to them and then other seasonings as well.  After the first bit of flavor it calms down and there's sort of a sweetness to it.  Almost like a sweet salt and vinegar chip?  But there's also a little BBQ flavor in there as well.  Like a salt and vinegar sweet meat chip?  That... that sounds horribly unappealing I realize, but it actually tastes pretty damn good.
There are a lot of flavors in every bite, but it works well together.  And it doesn't really stick around except for a mild aftertaste that goes away with some water.  One problem - I ate nearly half the bag trying to figure out what the heck the flavor was (hell - I'm still trying to identify some flavoring goodness) so it didn't leave me very many to just enjoy.  As I ate more, that first hit of vinegar flavor mellowed and the rest of the bag tasted pretty sweet.  The last bits tasted a little burnt, but I think that's because it was mostly left over edge chips pieces that had broken off.

I'd definitely get these again I think.  It's like salt and vinegar with a twist!  Also, props to Zapp's because I really wasn't sure what to expect.  Something delicious?  Something horrible?  They delivered a mighty fine chip here, though the flavor doesn't last super long.  I'd be interested to try other Zapp's brands, but I've never seen them anywhere else other than this restaurant.  I guess I'll have to go back to Bourbon Street and have delicious food.  What a hardship!



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    I love these things! I don't generally prefer the "kettle style" chips (they're so hard!), but the Voodoo chips are just...amazing. Last time I bought them, there were only 2 left in the store, while the rest of the Zapp's flavors had ample stock. I snapped them both up with no regrets or guilt!

    1. I wish I could find them in stores! The only place I've found them is at this one restaurant.

  3. Kroger carries them. Cajun Crawtator is also yummmm.

  4. Picked up a bag at a Roses's Discount Store, of all places. I assume UTZ has distribution rights for Zapp's chips (maybe nationwide?) as there was an UTZ price tag sticker on it. I'm in Upstate SC, and had only ever seen this brand in Louisiana.

  5. We have them at the biglots I work at in Marshall Texas tried them for the first time today the article amazing we have the other zapps flavors as well

  6. We have them at the biglots I work at in Marshall Texas tried them for the first time today the article amazing we have the other zapps flavors as well

  7. I found them at the Dollar Tree stores here in North Carolina. I was intrigued by the bag and pleasantly surprised by the flavor of the chips. It isn't like any other chip. Great find for $1.00!

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  9. Okay just wanted to give a little insight being that I'm from Louisiana okay okay I'm fibbing. No not about being from Louisiana but the insight...which actually came from google. Lol. I was curious one day while eating my voodoo chips, still trying to decide the flavor after all this time, so I Google'd for a description. I mean normally there'd be a small section of fun facts about the flavor or something but I suppose considering an article I read on them they can't really tell you what they don't know...courtesy of Zapps(&Google)
    Voodoo flavor is a result of an accident. An employee was moving a pallet of spices off the top shelf, and dropped it. While cleaning it up, someone stuck their finger into the mixture of about 5 flavors and pronounced it great.
    So we're probably not alone on not being able to put our finger on exactly what that hint of yum was in that last few chips or even the few before that.
    As to why they call them Voodoo well I'll be they'll make an honest woman of me yet...this really is insight due to my Louisiana roots. So that being said in my opinion they call them Voodoo due to not knowing the exact contents of the mix when spilled, and the Louisiana background.
    They are also pretty common here in florida as well.

  10. I freaking love them! i had them for the first time in New Orleans when i when for my class trip. i actually eating them right now. i was wondering what flavor they were so i looked it up, and i completely agree!

  11. Absolutely love them. They have a strong vinegar-sweet flavor, but vinegar is not on the ingredient list. I grew up in Pa and our family often bought Utz chips, but they didn't have Zapp's Voo Doo back then. I think they started out being call Voo Doo Gumbo, but now just Voo Doo. Probably called Voo Doo because they put you under a spell and can't stop eating them! Our Walmart in Cody, Wy has them from time to time