Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zapp's Voodoo New Orleans Kettle Style

So I had dinner with some friends at Bourbon Street and saw Zapp's Voodoo Gumbo chips on the menu.  I was intrigued and super awkwardly asked what they were and what Voodoo meant.  The waiter had no idea why they were Voodoo and maybe hated that I asked about something as simple as chips.  I'll have you know, sir, chips are serious business.  I still don't know why, but that's ok!  In the end, since they came in a bag (which seems kind of weird as an appetizer, but whatever, it worked for me), I decided to get them.

The bag itself is covered in... voodoo dolls I guess?  Oh yeah - on closer inspection they are definitely voodoo dolls.  Will I be cursed after eating these?  It also doesn't say Gumbo anywhere on it so I'm forced to assume this is a random bag of Voodoo chips and not Gumbo flavored, as I had hoped.

But what do they taste like?
They taste... geez what the heck do these taste like?  They're good!  Surprisingly so!  Not too greasy which gets points in my book.  There's kind of a vinegar kick to them and then other seasonings as well.  After the first bit of flavor it calms down and there's sort of a sweetness to it.  Almost like a sweet salt and vinegar chip?  But there's also a little BBQ flavor in there as well.  Like a salt and vinegar sweet meat chip?  That... that sounds horribly unappealing I realize, but it actually tastes pretty damn good.
There are a lot of flavors in every bite, but it works well together.  And it doesn't really stick around except for a mild aftertaste that goes away with some water.  One problem - I ate nearly half the bag trying to figure out what the heck the flavor was (hell - I'm still trying to identify some flavoring goodness) so it didn't leave me very many to just enjoy.  As I ate more, that first hit of vinegar flavor mellowed and the rest of the bag tasted pretty sweet.  The last bits tasted a little burnt, but I think that's because it was mostly left over edge chips pieces that had broken off.

I'd definitely get these again I think.  It's like salt and vinegar with a twist!  Also, props to Zapp's because I really wasn't sure what to expect.  Something delicious?  Something horrible?  They delivered a mighty fine chip here, though the flavor doesn't last super long.  I'd be interested to try other Zapp's brands, but I've never seen them anywhere else other than this restaurant.  I guess I'll have to go back to Bourbon Street and have delicious food.  What a hardship!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ruffles Loaded Chili and Cheese

I picked these up because chili cheese fries are awesome, but I don't have them that often.  What if I could recreate the chili cheese fries experience in a potato chip?!  The possibilities are nearly endless.

The bag informed me that these chips are loaded with flavor.  "Chili? Check. Cheese? Heck yeah. Onions and peppers. Bingo."  I'm very interested to see how they handle onions and peppers when chili and cheese are strong flavors.  The chips are nearly orange in places with the same green onion flakes that sour cream and onion chips have.

But what do they taste like?
More like chili than cheese and they're kinda spicy!  To be honesty, despite these chips being practically orange, I didn't get to much of a cheese flavor in 'em.  What they do taste like is dipping a chip into chili and then eating it.  Chili that is kind of spicy!  Keep in mind though, I have the spice tolerance of a fetus - which is to say I am bad with spicy things.  Still, putting aside the fact that my mouth got a little burn-y, these are pretty good.    They don't live up to the 'cheese' part of chili and cheese, but they definitely get the chili part.  I also didn't really get the 'peppers' flavoring unless it was the spiciness.  Definitely tasted the onions though and maybe a hint of the famed cheese.  After eating a bunch of them I started to lose the distinct chili taste that I originally tasted and it took on more of a spicy aftertaste.  It was the only thing I could taste for awhile.

When asked, my roommate tasted them and said: "Yeah... definitely chili.  I can taste a bit of the cooked peppers, but... definitely chili".  So make of that what you will!

Would I get them again?  No, probably not.  I think Ruffles chips, no matter the flavor, always taste like greasy Ruffles chips, if that makes any kind of sense.  Basically, no matter what flavor it says on the bag, Ruffles chips will always end up tasting like greasy potato chips.  And that's not super appealing to me!  Still - they don't taste bad - they just weren't winners in my book.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dirty Potato Chips Funky Fusion

I bought these because they were called 'Funky Fusion' and other than being kettle cooked in premium peanut oil, the bag gives basically no clue as to what flavor that might be.  I must know the secrets within!  Also, I'm getting over a cold and don't taste things as strongly as perhaps I otherwise would.

The bag itself is brown and only tells me the standard Dirty Chips 'here is how we cook these chips!' line.  Not helpful, Bag, but you did intrigue me so I suppose your ploy worked.

But what do they taste like?
From the smell I thought they'd taste like salt and vinegar chips which would have been fine with me since I loves me some salt and vinegar chips.  They almost taste like that, but then don't.  I guess you could say they're... funkier?  Salt and vinegar chips are sharp in a way that these aren't - these Funky Fusion chips have a bit of a bite initially, but then they're pretty mellow.  I honestly could not say which flavor they were going for here which I guess is a testament to the 'fusion' aspect of these chips.  Maybe a little onion-y?  I can say that they don't taste like meat, but for the life of me I can't figure out what they do taste like.  They're salty, but kind of savory at the same time in a good way.  The first second you taste a hint of salt and vinegar, then whatever strange seasoning blend is there, and then it's just a kind of greasy chip.

If they tasted as strong as the first bite then I would give them five stars.  Whatever the fusion is... I like it!  But after a few seconds that flavor is gone and you're just eating a chip.  Still - they definitely taste nice and I would eat them again.  I maybe wouldn't buy them again, but if someone offered them to me I'd take them up on it.  I'd also mention that, given the similarity to salt and vinegar chips, if you don't like those there's a good chance you won't like these.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lay's Honey Barbecue

I wanted to try Lay's Honey Barbeque because I love dipping things in honey barbeque sauce.  I wanted these to taste like they were made with honey barbecue sauce.

In classic Lay's fashion some of the chips were almost orange with seasoning and some of the chips looked like they weren't seasoned at all.  No even coating here!  They're also pretty greasy.

But what do they taste like?
They don't taste like much unfortunately.  It doesn't even taste like regular potato chips... they taste blander than that, but slightly sweet which is a weird combination.  And that's the chips that are covered in the seasoning - the ones without seasoning don't taste like much at all.  Sometimes you get a hint of the regular Barbecue flavor, but for the most part they're pretty bland.  There's also a chemical-y taste and a bit of an aftertaste too.
It seems to me that the Flavor Masters (or whoever they are) at Lay's decided that the only people who like honey barbecue are the ones who can't handle the super intensity of regular Barbecue chips.  This is not the case, Lay's!  If you give me chips then please make them taste like what you say you will!  Honey Barbecue is not a complicated flavor.  However, if you're the type of person who thinks regular Lay's Barbecue chips are too intense then you'll probably enjoy these.  Personally I'll stick the regular Barbecue rather than watered down weirdness.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pringles Screamin' Dill Pickle

Why Screamin' Dill Pickle chips?  Well, I had Intense Pickle Doritos when I was in Montreal and absolutely loved them.  Alas, I don't live near Montreal and so don't exactly have an easy source of Intense Pickle Doritos.  Since then I've been searching for a replacement pickle chip.  I hoped that these Pringles pickle chips would do the job.

The container art has four dill pickle spears and one chip being flung at me.  The pickles are really juicy.  Honestly it looks kind of gross.  The can also told me to 'Test Your Taste Buds!' and I'm not quite sure what it means.  These xtreme chips are so intense that my taste buds are gonna go bananas or something I guess.  Opening the can brings out a really strong pickle smell which is expected given that they're Screamin.

But what do they taste like?
They taste a lot like regular Pringles with a medium pickle taste and a stronger pickle aftertaste.  Gotta say it was unexpected how mild they are given how strong the smell was.  I figured I'd take a bite and it'd be like biting into a pickle, but nope.  Actually it was much more like eating chips that had a pickle resting on them briefly which I rather quite like.  Still, they're not anywhere near extreme unless eating pickle flavored chips is extreme.  The aftertaste lasts for awhile so if you do try them, expect to be tasting pickle for a bit.  Also, I'm still weirded out by the pickles flying at me from the can.

If you're like me and you really like the chips that have hung out with the pickle on the plate then you'll probably like these.  If you don't like pickles then I'd steer well clear.