Here are questions that maybe someone will ask someday.  I've answered them for you.  Do you have a question?  I will answer it here (if you ask me).

Why 'Strange Chips'?
Because the more I kept looking at 'Weird Chips' the more 'Weird' stopped looking like a word.  Also, I like how 'Strange Chips' sounds.  I always want to try the strange chips I see and I figured I may as well tell the world about them.

You wrote about something that wasn't chips!
True, but it is still a snack food.  Or maybe it's not.  I promise, though, there will be weekly chips or things similar to chips (like pretzels!).  Think of the other posts as bonus joy I'm giving you because I cherish our friendship.

Do you have an update schedule?
Yes!  I post a new chip review every Tuesday.  Non-chip reviews are usually posted on Thursdays.

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