Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lay's Honey Barbecue

I wanted to try Lay's Honey Barbeque because I love dipping things in honey barbeque sauce.  I wanted these to taste like they were made with honey barbecue sauce.

In classic Lay's fashion some of the chips were almost orange with seasoning and some of the chips looked like they weren't seasoned at all.  No even coating here!  They're also pretty greasy.

But what do they taste like?
They don't taste like much unfortunately.  It doesn't even taste like regular potato chips... they taste blander than that, but slightly sweet which is a weird combination.  And that's the chips that are covered in the seasoning - the ones without seasoning don't taste like much at all.  Sometimes you get a hint of the regular Barbecue flavor, but for the most part they're pretty bland.  There's also a chemical-y taste and a bit of an aftertaste too.
It seems to me that the Flavor Masters (or whoever they are) at Lay's decided that the only people who like honey barbecue are the ones who can't handle the super intensity of regular Barbecue chips.  This is not the case, Lay's!  If you give me chips then please make them taste like what you say you will!  Honey Barbecue is not a complicated flavor.  However, if you're the type of person who thinks regular Lay's Barbecue chips are too intense then you'll probably enjoy these.  Personally I'll stick the regular Barbecue rather than watered down weirdness.



  1. I think they are scrumdillyumpcious

  2. I keep thinking I should try them again... maybe I just got a bland batch?