Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dirty Potato Chips Funky Fusion

I bought these because they were called 'Funky Fusion' and other than being kettle cooked in premium peanut oil, the bag gives basically no clue as to what flavor that might be.  I must know the secrets within!  Also, I'm getting over a cold and don't taste things as strongly as perhaps I otherwise would.

The bag itself is brown and only tells me the standard Dirty Chips 'here is how we cook these chips!' line.  Not helpful, Bag, but you did intrigue me so I suppose your ploy worked.

But what do they taste like?
From the smell I thought they'd taste like salt and vinegar chips which would have been fine with me since I loves me some salt and vinegar chips.  They almost taste like that, but then don't.  I guess you could say they're... funkier?  Salt and vinegar chips are sharp in a way that these aren't - these Funky Fusion chips have a bit of a bite initially, but then they're pretty mellow.  I honestly could not say which flavor they were going for here which I guess is a testament to the 'fusion' aspect of these chips.  Maybe a little onion-y?  I can say that they don't taste like meat, but for the life of me I can't figure out what they do taste like.  They're salty, but kind of savory at the same time in a good way.  The first second you taste a hint of salt and vinegar, then whatever strange seasoning blend is there, and then it's just a kind of greasy chip.

If they tasted as strong as the first bite then I would give them five stars.  Whatever the fusion is... I like it!  But after a few seconds that flavor is gone and you're just eating a chip.  Still - they definitely taste nice and I would eat them again.  I maybe wouldn't buy them again, but if someone offered them to me I'd take them up on it.  I'd also mention that, given the similarity to salt and vinegar chips, if you don't like those there's a good chance you won't like these.



  1. In Canada, one of the most popular chip flavors is called "All Dressed." My Canadian wife misses them dearly. This "Funky Fusion" flavor is about as close to All Dressed as I can find in the US. Zapp's makes a chip flavor called "Voodoo" that is also similar.


  3. Funky Fusion is best described as a salt and vinegar chip with a barbecue chip fusion

  4. Funky Fusion is best described as a salt and vinegar chip with a barbecue chip fusion