Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lay's Sriracha

At long last!  I finally try the third new Lay's flavor!  The other two were fine (Chicken & Waffles | Cheesy Garlic Bread), but I have high hopes for these.  Oh indeed.  My friend Steven found these in a grocery store and was nice enough to snag these for me.  Thank you, kind sir!

I haven't had much Sriracha (treason?), but I do enjoy it when I have it.  That's not why I'm super excited about these chips, though.  It's one flavor instead of several (as with the other two new flavors), and the most likely to stick around, given its strong fanbase.  Let us see how they do!  Also it's one of the giant bags so if they're awful... well... I have a lot of them.

But what do they taste like?
Spicy!  Hoo.  At first I didn't think they were that spicy and was kinda disappointed, but now my throat is still burning.  Delayed kick on the spice there.  So... that's neat!  These certainly get the kick of Srirach which is good, but I'm not sure if they quite got the flavor.  Many things can cause mouth burn, but is it truly Sriracha flavored?

Wow, though - it certainly makes my mouth burn.  Ow.  Right - back on track.  I think the flavor of Sriracha is more complex.  Where these I taste mostly spicy and some hints of Sriracha-ness it's just not the same.  It's not bad, but it's certainly spicier and more painful than I generally like my chips.  If I eat a bunch I taste some of the vinegar, but the chili flavor appears to be missing.  The chips are a more general 'spicy!', while the sauce has more of a chili flavor?

Overall?  I think these are the best of the bunch, though you'd do well to steer clear if you can't handle spicy flavors.  It's not as spicy as Sriracha, but there's definitely some mouth burn.  They taste good and I like them, but they miss the mark on flavoring - they don't really taste like Sriracha.  Still - the other flavors are strange - these seem like something that could be a chip and people would buy.  Honestly... I've been kinda unimpressed with the three Lay's flavors or just their execution of them.  Ah well!


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