Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon

I found these at 7/11 and decided to give them a shot!  It's confusing because the bag is small, but really heavy and it's more calories than most bags this size.  I'm not really sure what to expect from these, but hopefully they won't be too spicy.
When I open the bag everything is just redish purple.  Everything.  I have never seen this color found in nature.  What... why are these tubular?  I don't understand why someone shaped these like this! Doritos should be triangular!  And not violent purpleish!

But what do they taste like?
There's a strong spicy lemony/limey flavor that takes a minute to hit, but then burns your mouth for a bit.  It stays pretty strong actually.  I'm mostly just confused... why are these so purple?!  These should be chile limon flavored, no?  Where does purple factor in?  I'm also really not feeling the rolled chip.  When I eat Doritos I want to eat Doritos, not weirdly rolled Doritos type things.  It's a pity that the flavor is so painful because it's actually kind of good for a few seconds.  Had they been more mild I think I could have enjoyed them.  As is, the spice level isn't worth it for me.

It's really a very strong limon-y flavor, too.  It keeps burning my mouth and the back of my throat.  Water doesn't help it go away and it's a bit painful.  I can see people liking this if they're fans of spicy and chile limon flavored things, but the rolled shape and purple color might be off-putting for some.  They definitely taste like what I'd expect spicy chile limon would taste like and if you like that, I'd give these a shot.  Ignore the bright purple rolled weirdness.

Even after I've stopped eating the chips, had some water, and finished writing this my mouth is still burning.  The fact that I do like the flavor for the split second before the spiciness sets in gets these a star, but otherwise... not for me, Doritos.


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