Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lay's Classic BLT

I was drawn to these Lay's Classic BLT chips because the bag was slightly larger than usual and it was a weird brown color.  Also, it had a sandwich on the front.  I love bacon so I was hoping that these would mostly just be 'bacon' flavored rather than 'sandwich' flavored which the Classic BLT name implies.
For such a large bag it wasn't particularly full which was disappointing.  I also was not hit in the face with a bacon smell which was a sign of things to come.  The chips themselves look like they're covered in all sorts of flavors and were remarkably intact considering they spent a lot of time in my bag.

But what do they taste like?
Not like a BLT - classic or otherwise.  They don't even taste like bacon, or lettuce, or tomato.  I think the downfall of these chips is that they actually tried to make them taste like the sandwich with the bread included and sometimes a hint of mayo.  They're pretty salty and whatever the flavor is, it gets stronger as you chew.  It's sort of a generic, but mild, 'salty meat' flavor.  Maybe it was the green seasoning on the chips, but they tasted sort of like sour cream and onion chips (though these were slightly meatier).  Eating a single chip doesn't really taste like much and eating a handful is mostly just salt.  Not too much grease at first, but it gets greasier as you go somehow.

Overall they were pretty disappointing.  I never expected them to taste like a BLT, but I did expect them to at least try to get it to taste like a BLT or bacon, lettuce and tomato.   They're not bad chips.  The flavor wasn't unappealing, but it definitely wasn't BLT flavored.  If you're looking for BLT flavored chips then unfortunately your search continues.  If you're looking for generic and kind of weird tasting chips then you could probably pick up a bag of these.


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