Tuesday, July 24, 2012

El Sabroso Original Guacachip

I grabbed these a few days after I got the El Sabroso Salsa chips because why not, right?  And happily it's a much smaller bag so I won't have them lying around for ages!

For starters the bag is pretty small and seems pretty empty.  On the plate they look kinda lonely.  El Sabroso seems to have skimped on the chip count in this bag.  They don't smell like much and look a little weird.  With that, let's give them a try.

But what do they taste like?
They don't taste like much strangely.  Definitely not like avocados or any sort of guac.  The chips are kind of hard and bland tasting.  There's a hint of salt and spice every so often, but really there's not much.  These definitely do not taste like guacamole unless it's terribly made.  They don't taste bad, but they're way off the mark as far as decent guac flavors go.  There's a smoothness to them, but it's just mild nothingness.  Compared to the El Sabroso salsa chips which weren't great, but at least had some flavor, these definitely miss the mark.

The green chips are also a little disconcerting.  It's not a fresh green... more of a 'this isn't quite right' green.  These are okay chips, but okay doesn't really cut it when it comes to buying them again.  Also, strangely, some of the chips are covered in seasoning and others barely have any, but they all taste roughly the same.  Usually those smothered chips at least pack a bit of a punch, but not in this case evidently.  That being said, I don't mind eating them.  The very mild flavor (a hint of... avocado maybe) is kinda nice.  I just don't feel it's worth it to eat chips that taste so mild.  I'd like to taste what I'm eating!

These weren't bad, but I wouldn't get them again.  There's not enough flavor to make it worth it really.


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